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Walmart Repricing Speed Doesn't Matter, Right? Wrong.

Updated: May 29

It might not seem like a big deal, but pushing price changes even slightly faster than your competition gives you an enormous edge when it comes to winning the Buy Box on Walmart Marketplace.

walmart incorrect buy box data can be frustrating

It's a huge selling point for us at Flashpricer: we let you push nearly-instant price changes to Walmart Marketplace before your competition can react. We beat Walmart's internal repricer by an average of four hours! As fast as that seems, we hear from sellers every day who still aren't impressed. "Big deal," they say. "Why would I pay more for Flashpricer? Even with price changes every four hours, Walmart's internal repricer does a fine job at getting me the Buy Box."

Well, maybe.

Follow us on this thought.

It might be true that they could get you the Buy Box IF they had the correct Buy Box data. But the problem is that they don't. While it's hard for some sellers to believe, the Buy Box data used by Walmart's internal repricer is incorrect. Not just in their API but also in Seller Center.

Check it out for yourself. Go to Seller Center and run a Buy Box report. Then export it and spot check a few of your listings against what is shown on the frontend of Walmart Marketplace. You'll quickly realize that the data doesn't match up for about 40% of your listings. If you are repricing against it with Walmart's internal repricer or any other software that claims to be able to reprice on Walmart (, SellerActive, Seller Snap,, GeekSeller, etc. ), you're basically flying blind.

Now, it’s fine if repricing 4-6 times per day is good enough for you. You can throw your hands up and say, "Yeah, sales on Walmart are just not as strong as on Amazon. I'm fine with just accepting 5-10% of the sales I see there." Or you can take matters into your own hands and realize that Flashpricer clients are finding opportunities for many of their products that sell 50-150% of what they are selling on Amazon.

So if you want to get a share of the Buy Box and own it for just 5-10 minutes at a time (assuming the data is correct... not much better odds than a coin flip), and then have Flashpricer clients take it from you for the remaining 3 hours and 55 minutes of each interval, you will hold the Buy Box for about 30-60 minutes per day, and some of those minutes are irrelevant since most people in the United States will be sleeping, not shopping.

try best walmart repricer free for 14 days

If a 2-4% Buy Box share is what success looks like to you, then who are we to argue? But ask yourself a question: If you multiply your current sales on Walmart by the 70-100% Buy Box share you could achieve, then what kind of difference would that make on your bottom line? And would you think differently about Walmart as a selling platform?

Starting to have FOMS (fear of missing sales) now? Good.

For the smartest sellers who don't want to settle for incorrect data, sporadic Buy Box wins, a marginal sales when compared to Amazon, Flashpricer is here for you. The choice is yours. You are a 15-30 minute integration process and a 14-day free trial away from changing your perception.

We look forward to having you onboard.


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