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Amazon and Walmart sellers review Flashpricer

See why the smartest online sellers are choosing us to help them outpace competitors, increase profit margins, and win the Buy Box.

Bryan Guerra explains how Flashpricer can help you make more profit selling on Amazon.

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ory walmart marketplace seller

"Ever since I made the switch to Flashpricer, I feel like I'm always one step ahead of my competition. I don't know how they do it, but it freaking works."

Ory Hershcovich | Amazon & Walmart Seller

Shawn Mayo gives you a complete walkthrough of how he uses Flashpricer for his Amazon and Walmart listings.

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“As an arbitrage seller, competing for the Buy Box is my biggest challenge. Flashpricer helps me win it faster and stay there for longer than any of the other repricers I've tried in the past."

Joe Riley | Amazon & Walmart Seller

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allan walmart marketplace seller

"The other repricers I tried never seemed to be working totally right. The Buy Box price shown by the repricer didn't always match what I saw on the front-end of Walmart. Not anymore."

Allan Gonzalez | Walmart Marketplace Seller

Cameron Lawrence explains how Flashpricer's strategies help him win the Buy Box on Walmart.

manuel walmart marketplace seller

"The fact that it doesn't just race to the bottom, but actually looks for opportunities to raise my prices when there is an opportunity is pretty awesome."

Manuel Campos | Walmart & Amazon Seller

Roy from Better Health reviews the first 30 days of sales he's made since switching to Flashpricer.

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Repricing strategies for all types of sellers.

Choose your business model to learn how Flashpricer's strategies can be customized to crush your goals.

Repricer for Wholesale Sellers


Sync costs from inventory software

Private Label Repricer

Private Label

Use AI to optimize sales velocity 

Online Arbitrage Repricer

Online Arbitrage

Win and keep the Buy Box

Retail Arbitrage Repricer

Retail Arbitrage

Protect your min price threshold

Repricer for Dropshippers


Manage Amazon & Walmart together 

We have a plan to keep you profitable.

Whether you're an experienced seller or just starting out, we've got your back. We never take a percentage of your sales.


10,000 Amazon listings

Upgrade for Walmart


 Instant repricing

1 selling channel

Custom strategies


50,000 Amazon listings

2,500 Walmart Lists


 Instant repricing

✔ 2 selling channels

Custom strategies

Buy Box algorithm

Competition algorithm


250,000 Amazon listings

5,000 Walmart Lists


 Instant repricing

✔ 6 selling channels

Custom strategies

Buy Box algorithm

Competition algorithm


500,000 Amazon listings

15,000 Walmart Lists


 Instant repricing

✔ 10 selling channels

Custom strategies

Buy Box algorithm

Competition algorithm

Private label AI 

Start repricing in a flash

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