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Reprice 10 Times Faster with Flashpricer Competition Scoring

Learn more about how we rank and prioritize price changes based on the competitive landscape. The result? Adapting to market conditions faster than ever before.

reprice 10 times faster on walmart marketplace with flashpricer

At Flashpricer, innovation and progress are our constant driving forces, and our primary goal is to ensure you remain a cut above the rest. This week, we are thrilled to unveil a game-changing enhancement that will supercharge your competitive edge: our advanced Product Competition Scoring System!

Elevate your repricing strategies

Gone are the days when staying abreast of competitors' pricing changes was a timely process. With our newly refined algorithms, we're repricing a staggering 10x faster than ever before! This accelerated pace ensures that you can pivot and adapt to frequently changing market conditions.

How the product competition scoring system works

Products are meticulously categorized based on their competition intensity:

1. Low Competition Score: Products witnessing minimal price shifts among competitors.

2. Medium Competition Score: Marked by moderate competitive price variations.

3. High Competition Score: Characterized by regular price swings amongst competitors.

4. Highest Competition Score: The front-runners, experiencing the fiercest price challenges in the marketplace.

Immediate benefits for marketplace sellers

Products with higher competition scores will receive more frequent updates. Essentially, if your product ranks 'High' or 'Highest', anticipate ultra-responsive repricing actions, ensuring you're not just in the game, but leading it.

Did You Know?

Walmart misses out on sending 60% of notifications for competition price changes.

Flashpricer is your safeguard against missed notifications

While our system's skills are unparalleled, it's worth noting that web hook notifications from the Walmart API are not only double-verified, but that a notification will be immediately checked regardless of the product's current score. Given the Walmart API's tendency to miss out on sending about 60% of price change notifications, our system serves as your vigilant sentinel, ensuring no price fluctuation goes unnoticed.

In essence, our commitment is to arm you with lightning-fast, razor-sharp pricing strategies, giving you the advantage in a constantly-shifting marketplace.

try flashpricer best walmart repricer for free

Ready to experience the difference? Dive into a FREE 14-day trial and witness the power of real-time repricing! And should you have queries or need a deeper dive into how this can transform your business, our dedicated support team stands ready to guide you.


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