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Walmart Repricing Myths Debunked

Misconceptions about automated repricers still deter Walmart Marketplace sellers from using this crucial technology. Let's explore the truth behind some of these myths.

walmart repricing myths debunked

In the competitive world of Walmart Marketplace selling, every edge matters. Repricing software can be that edge, but misconceptions about it often deter sellers from harnessing its power. Let's debunk some of the common myths and explore how Flashpricer can transform your Walmart selling game.

Myth: Repricers trigger a race to the bottom

Truth: Repricers like Flashpricer can raise prices strategically when there are opportunities to demand a higher price. For instance, if a primary competitor leaves the listing, Flashpricer would adjust your prices upwards to maximize your profit. Repricing software also allows you to set a minimum price threshold. Your prices will never fall below this pre-set amount, even if competitors engage in aggressive pricing strategies.

Myth: All Walmart repricers are limited by their API data

Truth: Flashpricer doesn't rely solely on Walmart's API data. Instead, it employs proprietary methods to access and analyze data from the front end of Walmart. This innovative approach ensures accurate repricing, even when API data might be limited or imperfect. While other repricers receive incorrect Buy Box data from Walmart over 40% of the time, Flashpricer has mitigated this problem successfully. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself FREE for 14 days.

Myth: Walmart's built-in repricer is sufficient

Truth: When it comes to versatility in competition, Walmart's repricer disappointingly falls short. It restricts sellers to compete with just three types of competitors:

  • The listing's lowest price

  • The Buy Box price

  • Amazon's price

These limitations are puzzling, especially the idea of competing against Amazon prices, since Amazon operates in a completely different marketplace, often commanding higher prices. Plus, the Buy Box and lowest prices allowed by Walmart to compete against are based on their own reports and APIs, which, as we've highlighted, frequently deliver incorrect and outdated data.

Myth: Repricers are only for high-volume sellers

Truth: Even if you have a small inventory, Flashpricer can save you time and minimize human errors. It's not just about the quantity of sales but the quality of your pricing strategy. In fact, repricing can be very effective if you have a small inventory. You can set rules to increase prices as the amount of product you have in stock dwindles. This allows you to control your sales velocity accordingly. Even if you have a few products, Flashpricer can prevent costly mistakes and maximize profits.

Myth: Constantly adjusting prices is a waste of time

Truth: There are around 60 million products for sale on Walmart Marketplace, with competitors popping in and out on each listing all the time. Even if monitoring the prices of your listings was your only job, you'd never be able to keep track of all of the adjustments and optimize your own prices accordingly. If you want to stay competitive and win the Buy Box, you need 24/7 vigilance that can only be achieved with a repricing software solution.

Myth: Repricers remove seller control

Truth: Flashpricer works within the parameters you set. You retain control over pricing rules and can make manual adjustments as needed. You can choose to reprice differently against specific sellers or fulfillment methods (like WFS). And you can set very specific repricing rules for business scenarios such as when competitors leave the listing, when the Buy Box is suppressed, and more. We'll always operate within your minimum and maximum thresholds, so you have flexibility and peace of mind.

Myth: Repricers are expensive

Truth: Flashpricer offers affordable plans, and the potential profit boost often outweighs the cost. It's an investment in your business's success. Walmart repricing plans on Flashpricer start at $199 per month and scale as you add more and more listings. With 82% of sales coming through the Buy Box, investing in a software that will help you win it more often will quickly pay for itself.

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