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Best repricer for Amazon & Walmart wholesalers

Flashpricer helps wholesale sellers outpace their competitors, increase their profit margins, and win the Buy Box. 


The fastest automated repricer
Increase your sales and win more Buy Boxes

If you're a wholesaler with listings on Amazon or Walmart Marketplace, Flashpricer is the best automated repricer for you. With instant price changes and inventory integrations built specifically for wholesale, you'll always be one step ahead of your competition.

✔ Push price changes before competitors can react
Flashpricer makes instant updates, so you can beat other wholesalers by an average of 15 minutes. We'll give you an edge by pushing the fastest price changes.

✔ Over 40% of competing Buy Box data is wrong

Marketplace APIs often return outdated or missing data. We are the only repricer to incorporate real-time data from multiple sources for superior accuracy and reliability.

✔ Flexible strategies based on your wholesale costs

Choose a pre-built algorithm or build custom strategies to crush your goals. Best yet, we automatically look for opportunities to raise prices and avoid a race to the bottom.

The best Amazon and Walmart repricing tool
Make more money with Flashpricer's repricing strategies

Flashpricer is the #1 repricing software for sellers who need automated pricing strategies for their wholesale Amazon or Walmart Marketplace business. We have pre-built algorithms to support Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, FBA, MFN, WFS, and more. 

Hundreds of wholesale sellers rely on Flashpricer's instant price changes, accurate Buy Box data, and reliable inventory management integrations to optimize pricing and increase sales. With the most flexible rules of any repricer on the market, your listings will stay competitive while always respecting your minimum and maximum profit thresholds. 

All it takes is 10 minutes to jump into a free trial. There's no credit card required and our expert Repricing Strategists are standing by to help you get set up and start taking your wholesale listings to the next level.

I no longer have to deal with the endless frustration of inputting my min and max prices into my repricer manually. I can sync my wholesale costs to Flashpricer and they do it automatically."

Allan Gonzalez, 661 wholesale listings

Try 14 days for free

Quick and easy setup. No credit card required.

The most accurate Buy Box pricing data
Flashpricer's most popular features

Explore the repricing features most loved by wholesale Amazon and Walmart sellers.

High Speed

Pushes price changes before competitors can react

Beats other repricers by an average of 15 minutes


Reacts to changing marketplace conditions instantly

Get set up in 10 minutes →

Accurate Real-Time Data

Uses multiple data sources, not just unreliable marketplace APIs

Easy integrates with your inventory management software

Automatically calculates min/max prices based on wholesale costs

Improve Buy Box data by 40% →

Smart Algorithms & Custom Rules

Sets rules for suppressed Buy Box or out of stock listings​

Competes differently against specific sellers by name

Prices react to fulfillment methods like FBA and WFS

Build your wholesale strategies →

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