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Our repricing strategies are as unique and flexible as your business

AI-powered repricing strategies to optimize your listings 24/7.

Choose a pre-built algorithm or build custom rules to crush your goals.

 Automated profit  protection 

Min and max prices

Automatically set based on a fixed dollar amount, target profit margin or ROI based on the cost of the product. We always obey these rules even if they conflict with others

min and max prices multichannel price matching

 Pre-built algorithms 

competition flashpricer.png
Optimize price and time in the Buy Box

Adjusts your prices in response to competition in order to win you more Buy Boxes and increase your sales on Amazon and Walmart.

Specific competitor statuses

Only competes against Buy Box eligible sellers. Flexible options to compete differently against WFS, FBA, MFN, SFP, Amazon, Walmart, and specific sellers by name.

 Factor in   selling fees 

Selling channel fees

Prices below, above, or match competition factor in selling fees for each of your channels. Including referral fees, credit card fees, FBA fees and Walmart Fulfilment fees.  

React to changing settings

Automatically adjusts based on changes to your costs or selling fees, discounts, promotions, updated competitor information, buy box suppression, or tailored competitor targetting. 

selling channel fees react to changing settings

 Know your competitors 

Custom scenarios

Choose how you want to be repriced when the Buy Box is suppressed, when your item goes out of stock, when there is no competition, etc.

Choose your competition

Compete against the Buy Box, WFS sellers, FBA sellers, MFN sellers, specific channels, or highly-rated sellers only. We've got you covered.

custom scenarios choose your competition

Why our strategies are better than the competition

multiple selling channels

Syncs rules to all of your selling channels

more buy box wins

Uses accurate data for more Buy Box wins

fastest repricing software

Reacts faster than any other repricer on the market

custom repricing strategies

Gives you maximum control and custom rules

Works with all of your selling channels

best walmart repricer
best amazon repricer
best shopify repricer
best google shopping repricer

Create a custom repricing strategy

multichannel ecommerce seller doing work
Choose exactly how you want to be repriced against specific sellers, across multiple marketplaces. We let you customize every aspect of your strategy for maximum control over your business objectives.
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