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Our flexible integrations keep your business running how you want

Flashpricer plays nice with all of your other eCommerce tools. See all of our supported partners in the list below.

 Easy integrations 

Pull in costs from other eCommerce tools for automated price optimization with maximum convenience.


Custom Integrations

Allows you to integrate with a hosted file via FTP / Hosted File / Gsheet / Dropbox. We'll pull in costs directly from your updated file and use the information to make price changes.



Leverage the power of automation with the SellerCloud integration. This dynamic partnership enables you to receive cost, min-max price values, and strategy IDs directly, eliminating manual input and improving efficiency.



If you're dropshipping on Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, or Facebook shops, our integration with OAGenius makes it easy to sync your costs between platforms.



The Flxpoint integration with flashpricer is a convenient way to import all of your costs quickly and keep them in sync seamlessly.



The Skugrid integration with flashpricer is a quick way to import all of your costs and keep them in sync seamlessly.

ecom solutions.png

E-com Solutions

Feed your costs to flashpricer with our E-com Solutions integration to get the most accurate profit calculations for your listings.



Integrate your flashpricer account with Webscraperapp to allow for cost prices to be updated and easily synced in real-time as soon as they change.



With EcomCircles integration with flashpricer, it is effortless to import all your costs promptly and synchronize them effortlessly.

Works with all of your selling channels

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amazon repricing software
shopify repricing software
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