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We help multichannel sellers stay competitive and profitable

Optimize prices with the smartest strategies and fastest technology the market so you'll always be one step ahead of the competition.

 Accurate data +   faster updates 

Your current repricer is wrong

⚡️ Our competitors use flawed API data

⚡️ 40% is outdated, missing, or wrong

Stop flying blind

⚡️ Automation requires accurate inputs

⚡️ We retrieve the correct Buy Box data fast

The flashpricer difference

⚡️ Reprices based on real-time metrics

⚡️ Analyzes and applies the data faster

your current repricer is wrong stop flying blind the flashpricer difference
Api vs Actual.png

 Customizable strategies 

Pre-built AI algorithms

⚡️ Buy Box optimization 

⚡️ Target Buy Box eligible 

⚡️ Apply upward pressure 


⚡️Ignore competition with sub par selling metrics

⚡️Ignore competition with slower delivery times

Custom scenarios

⚡️ No competition or competition out-of-stock

⚡️ Buy Box suppressed or obtained

⚡️ Custom rules for FBM, WFS, FBA, or specific sellers 

prebuilt algorithms flexible rules custom scenarios

 Perfect profit   protection 

Max prices

⚡️ Prevents listing deactivation

⚡️ Determines reasonable thresholds

Automatic price reset

⚡️ Increases if competitors leave listing

⚡️ Follow the market while out of stock

     to prevent market corrections on restock

Margin protection

⚡️ Respects min profit goal at all times

⚡️ Looks to raise prices when possible

smart max prices automatic price reset magin protection

 Private label &   multichannel 

Sales velocity

⚡️ Automatically finds optimal price

⚡️ Always stays above min profit goal

Automated experiments

⚡️ Best sellers rank and ad spend

⚡️ Varies pricing by time of day

⚡️ Optimize for profit margin and velocity

Syncs across selling channels

⚡️ Offset prices of other marketplaces

⚡️ Abide by your own website pricing


Why our repricer is better than the competition

syncs across selling channels

Syncs rules to all of your selling channels

most accurate buy box data

Uses accurate data for more Buy Box wins

fastest repricer on the market

Reacts faster than any other repricer on the market

maximum control and custom rules

Gives you maximum control and custom rules

Works with all of your selling channels

walmart repricer
amazon repricer
shopify repricer
google shopping repricer

Start repricing in a flash

ecommerce seller configuring repricing software
Give us a try and see how we keep you competitive and profitable across all of your selling channels with lightning-fast price changes and strategies driven by real-time data.
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