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Walmart Commission Adjustment Program: What You Need to Know

Understanding the Walmart Commission Adjustment Program and how to use Flashpricer to identify which of your items are enrolled.

walmart commission program

In the ever-competitive world of e-commerce, keeping your prices competitive is key to attracting customers and boosting sales. That's why Walmart introduced the Commission Adjustment Program. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of this program, how it works, and what it means for Walmart Marketplace sellers like you. Plus, we'll highlight how Flashpricer makes it easy for you to identify which of your items are enrolled in the program directly within our user interface.

Program Overview

Walmart's Commission Adjustment Program is designed to ensure that customers are offered competitive prices for a wide range of marketplace items. It's an ongoing initiative, but items are eligible for this program for a limited time. Walmart actively seeks sellers who can offer selected items at competitive prices without adjustments.

How it Works

Items included in the program may display on Walmart Marketplace with adjusted, lower prices due to a referral fee adjustment. While the price customers see and pay may be lower than your submitted price, you'll still receive the same net payment as if the item's price wasn't adjusted. Importantly, this program doesn't affect shipping fees; customers continue to see and pay the full shipping fee you set.

Conditions for Item Inclusion

For an item to be included and potentially have its referral fee adjusted, it must meet specific conditions:

  1. The item must be eligible.

  2. Its price, after adjustment, should make it competitive with market conditions.

  3. The seller has not excluded the item from the program.


You can identify eligible items by checking your Item Opt-in File in Seller Center or through API. This file lists SKUs eligible for a referral fee adjustment. If a SKU isn't in this file, it's not eligible. If there are no SKUs in the file, none of your items are eligible.


Only items within a specific price range receive referral fee adjustments. If your item is eligible but not adjusted, it could be because your price is too high for the maximum adjustment to make it competitive. Adjustments are calculated based on the sum of the price and shipping cost.

Included Items

All your eligible items are included in the program by default. However, you can choose to exclude specific items from referral fee adjustments using the CAP (Commission Adjustment Program) file feature.

Opting In and Out

To participate in the Commission Adjustment Program or opt out, log in to Seller Center and follow the CAP Management instructions. Remember, you can also exclude items individually using the CAP file feature.

Monitoring and Reporting

Walmart provides tools to monitor your participation and view sales under the program. You can check feed status, access weekly payment reports, and review daily performance and top CAP items.


We've also answered common questions about the program:

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How long will the Commission Adjustment Program last?

Any item may be on this program for a limited time. For long-term success, sellers should offer a competitively priced assortment, without the need for adjustment.

How does a referral fee adjustment affect my payment?

Although the price displayed and charged to the customer is lower than the price provided by the seller, the payment to the seller is not affected. Sellers receive the same net amount as if the item was sold at the price submitted by the seller because of adjusting the Walmart referral fee.

What happens if I set a promotion for an item?

The item price under the program is calculated from the current offer, including any promotions. Promotional prices may appear in the Item Opt-in file.

On my Payment Details report, will the sales reflect the reduced price? How will refunds be handled?

The Gross Sales Revenue (column Y) reflects the adjusted price that the customer was charged. Your original listing price is shown in column BH (Original item price). And, as always, the actual net amount you are paid for the sale is in column V (Payable to partner from sale). For returns, Walmart will refund to the customers the lower amount and correctly adjust the transaction with the seller account.

Will sellers be able to see the list of items in advance?

No, the list of eligible items in your inventory will be available in the Item Opt-in file only.

How do I ensure that MAPs (Minimum Advertised Prices) are not violated?

You should exclude MAP items using the bulk upload feature as explained in the Complete Item-level Opt-Out Instructions section. You can add additional SKUs to the list to opt out.

In conclusion, Walmart's Commission Adjustment Program aims to keep your prices competitive, attracting more customers and boosting your sales. With Flashpricer, you can easily identify which of your items are enrolled in the program, making it simpler than ever to stay on top of your e-commerce game. Try Flashpricer FREE for 14 days and see why we're the best Walmart repricer on the market today!


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