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Strengthening E-Commerce Through Collaboration: The Flashpricer and Getida Partnership

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Finding new and creative solutions through shared passion for helping sellers thrive.

flashpricer getida partnership

A New Era in E-Commerce: Flashpricer Meets Getida

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, collaborations can spark new innovations and maximize efficiencies for sellers. Flashpricer’s new partnership with Getida is a testament to this idea. The two companies are not simply working together to promote repricing software or inventory reimbursement services. They are hoping to team up in order to deepen their mutual understanding of the e-commerce landscape, and find new and creative solutions through their shared passion for helping sellers thrive.

The First Encounter: Prosper Show and the Beginning of a Journey

The roots of this partnership trace back to a chance meeting at the Prosper Show years ago. Back then, Flashpricer’s CEO, Jordan, was steering business development at (formerly Appeagle). While walking the trade show floor, he met Getida co-founder Yoni and his team, who were just launching their services. The two became fast friends and bonded over their shared vision for the future of Amazon and marketplace selling.

Empowering Sellers: A Journey of Thousands

Since that initial meeting in 2015, both CEOs have independently carved their niches in the e-commerce space. They've become beacons of support for sellers, helping them navigate the complex currents of online sales. Together, they have empowered thousands of sellers, guiding them through the journey of selling billions of dollars worth of products on Amazon.

Flashpricer’s leading repricing software enables sellers to optimize their prices automatically through machine-learning and complex customizable strategies. The result is more Buy Box wins, a significant competitive edge, and the continued leveraging of changing marketplace conditions through automation.

flashpricer best repricing software

Getida helps Amazon sellers by managing the complexities of FBA reimbursements, ensuring they receive due compensations for errors in the FBA process, and providing valuable insights into their Amazon operations. This service can significantly aid sellers in minimizing losses and maximizing their operational efficiency. If it sounds interesting to you, be sure to check them out.

Tightening Ties: Looking Forward to Multichannel Success

As the relationship between Flashpricer and Getida strengthens, the horizon expands. The focus now is not just on Amazon but on multichannel selling. Opportunities on other selling channels like Walmart Marketplace have made it so that e-commerce operations are getting more complex with every passing year. As the two companies help sellers ensure that every dollar is accounted for, their partnership aims to provide a more holistic and efficient approach to e-commerce. The goal is clear: helping clients not just to save money but to amplify their sales and profits.

A Shared Passion: Organizing and Optimizing for Success

At the heart of this collaboration is a shared passion for helping sellers stay organized and optimize their operations. Whether it’s through effective repricing strategies or meticulous auditing and inventory management, both teams are committed to offering tools and insights that translate into tangible benefits for sellers. Flashpricer and Getida hope to free up time for their clients which can be invested in other revenue-producing activities, allowing for productive growth year after year.

Conclusion: A Bright Future for E-Commerce Sellers

As Flashpricer and Getida tighten their partnership, they aim to set a new standard in e-commerce support. Their combined expertise and dedication are shaping a future where sellers can confidently navigate multichannel selling. It's a future where efficiency, organization, and profitability are not just goals but realities for every seller they touch.

Through this alliance, the Flashpricer and Getida teams are not just offering services; they're building a community. A community where every seller, big or small, can find the support they need to flourish in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.


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