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The smartest repricing strategies ever

Choose a pre-built algorithm or build your own with flexible settings and customizable rules for every business scenario.

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Use the power of automation to crush your business goals

AI-powered algorithms

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Win the Buy Box

✔ Gets the Buy Box by adjusting your prices automatically

Looks for opportunities to keep the Buy Box at a higher price

✔ Makes instant adjustments to changing competitive landscape

Profit protection

Calculates your minimum and maximum based on costs

Identifies and stays within your optimal thresholds

Prevents listing deactivation for pricing too high or low

Sales velocity

✔ Reprices private label listings with no competition

✔ Finds the optimal balance between profit and sales volume

✔ Adjusts your price to hit your sales velocity goal autonomously

Custom rules for every business scenario

Flashpricer gives you the ultimate control over how and when you should reprice.

Out-of-stock situations

When Buy Box is suppressed

MAP policy compliance

Auto-calculated min and max

When there is no competition

Maximize profit in the Buy Box

"You can dial up any scenario that you want and tell it how you want it to reprice. And it's fast! I was getting nearly instant updates which is a game-changer highly competitive listings."

Cameron Lawrence

Do not reprice

This option means that a particular item or product should not have its price changed or adjusted after acquiring the Buy Box. Great for lower-priced items with lots of competition.

Do not lower my price

Stop downward price changes and only allow upwards changes based on the next closest, more expensive competitor. Designed to maximize your profit while you are in the Buy Box.

Algorithmically optimize price

This option means that the system will gradually increase your price until it finds the most favorable price point that still allows you to maintain the Buy Box against your competitors.

Win and keep the Buy Box at the highest possible price point.

When you acquire the Buy Box

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Competition strategies
Identify and crush your competition with effective strategies

Choose which sellers to reprice against and which ones to ignore. Target the lowest price, Buy Box owner, particular fulfillment methods, or even specific sellers by name.

Build your custom strategy today →


When it comes to repricing strategies, being specific can give you an edge over your competitors. Flashpricer lets you customize your repricing strategy based on how you want to compete with other sellers on the marketplace.

✔ Amazon or Walmart themselves as a competitor

✔ Sellers who are not Buy Box eligible

✔ Low feedback scores or long handling times

✔ Specific seller IDs or fulfillment methods (FBA, WFS, etc.)

Flexibility to power your unique business

Choose your business model to learn more about Flashpricer's capabilities.

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Start your 14 day free trial today and watch your sales and profits reach new heights.

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