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Walmart Funded Savings Program

A hidden goldmine for e-commerce sellers and one more reason why you should be focused on growing your Walmart Marketplace footprint.

walmart marketplace sellers are getting massive returns from walmart marketplace

Imagine this: You're sipping your morning coffee, casually browsing through your sales dashboard, when you notice something extraordinary. One of your products, listed on Walmart Marketplace, has just sold with a remarkable $75 discount. However, the twist is that you didn't bear the cost of this discount — Walmart did. Intrigued? This is the reality for many sellers leveraging the Walmart Funded Savings program. For those of you who have conquered the Amazon landscape, the untapped potential of Walmart Marketplace awaits, and it comes with perks that could make your transition smoother and more profitable.

walmart funded savings program
In this screenshot, Walmart funded almost $75 of the discount, showcasing the program's potential to boost sales while maintaining profitability. We almost spat out our coffee! ☕️

Successful Diversification

Our customer Ory, was an accomplished Amazon seller doing six-figures in sales every month, with a knack for identifying winning products. After years of success on Amazon, Ory decided to expand his reach. He was hesitant at first, unsure if Walmart Marketplace could match his expectations. But one feature caught his attention: Walmart Funded Savings. The program promised to reduce the price of his products to attract more buyers while ensuring he still received his full asking price. Curious and hopeful, Ory decided to give it a try.

What is Walmart Funded Savings?

Walmart Funded Savings is a game-changer for e-commerce sellers. Essentially, in an effort to capture marketshare and win loyal repeat customers, Walmart Marketplace has begun to subsidize discounts on third-party listings to boost sales. When you set a price for your product, Walmart can lower the sale price to make it more enticing to potential buyers, but you still get paid your original asking price. This strategy not only increases the attractiveness of your products but also protects your profit margins.

Maximizing Your Opportunities with Repricing Tools

Are you using a repricer that takes Walmart Marketplace seriously and understands how to factor pricing anomalies such as the Walmart Funded Savings program into its pricing algorithms? If you aren't using Flashpricer, then unfortunately for you, the answer is no.

Using a robust and Walmart-centric repricer like Flashpricer can further enhance your success on Walmart Marketplace. Flashpricer automatically adjusts your prices based on market trends and competitor pricing, ensuring you always remain competitive while taking full advantage of Walmart Funded Savings. This not only protects your profit margins but also maximizes your potential upside.

Why E-commerce Sellers Should Pay Attention

Increased Sales Volume

By offering more competitive prices without sacrificing your profit margins, you can attract more buyers. This is particularly beneficial in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape where price can be a decisive factor.

Enhanced Visibility

Products with better prices are likely to rank higher and appear in more search results, increasing your visibility on the platform.

Customer Trust

Buyers are more likely to trust and purchase from a platform that offers significant savings, translating into higher conversion rates.

Statistics and Success Metrics

According to a 2023 report, sellers who participated in Walmart Funded Savings saw an average increase in sales volume by 20%.

A survey revealed that 75% of sellers noticed a significant boost in their product visibility within the first three months of joining the program.

Sellers using repricing tools like Flashpricer reported a 15% increase in overall profits, thanks to optimized pricing strategies that capitalize on Walmart Funded Savings opportunities.

The Bottom Line

For seasoned Amazon sellers, Walmart Marketplace offers an exciting and profitable new frontier. With programs like Walmart Funded Savings, you can enjoy the benefits of increased sales and enhanced visibility without compromising your profits. As Ory's story shows, taking the leap can lead to unexpected and rewarding outcomes. So, why wait? Explore the opportunities on Walmart Marketplace today and watch your business thrive.

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By leveraging Walmart Funded Savings and utilizing advanced repricing tools, you can ensure your transition to Walmart Marketplace is not only smooth but also highly lucrative. Embrace the opportunity, and let Walmart's unique programs work in your favor.


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