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Beyond Price: How to Use Other Strategies to Win the Walmart Buy Box

Flashpricer's got your pricing on autopilot, but what else can you do to make sure you win and keep the Buy Box on Walmart Marketplace?

tips for winning and keeping the walmart buy box

Succeeding in the competitive realm of e-commerce demands more than just competitive pricing. While price certainly plays a crucial role, winning the Walmart Buy Box involves a multifaceted approach that considers various factors beyond price alone. As a team of expert e-commerce sellers who have experienced considerable success on platforms like Amazon and Walmart, we are thrilled to share our insights on how to leverage other strategies to secure the coveted Walmart Buy Box.

Fulfillment Method and Shipping Speed

Price may grab attention, but fulfillment method and shipping speed can seal the deal. Walmart's emphasis on providing a seamless customer experience means that sellers using Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) or those offering fast and reliable shipping options often have an edge. By aligning with Walmart's commitment to customer satisfaction, you not only increase your chances of winning the Buy Box but also enhance customer loyalty.


Let's say you're selling consumer electronics. If you offer two-day shipping through WFS, your product gains the advantage of faster delivery, which appeals to customers seeking prompt gratification. This not only enhances your chance of winning the Buy Box but also improves your overall customer satisfaction.

Order Defect Rate and Customer Metrics

Walmart prioritizes customer satisfaction and evaluates seller performance using metrics like the Order Defect Rate (ODR) and Customer Metrics. Maintaining a low ODR, which includes factors like order cancellations, late shipments, and product defects, indicates reliability to Walmart's algorithm. Positive customer feedback and high seller ratings also play a significant role in winning the Buy Box.


Imagine you're selling kitchen appliances, specializing in sleek and efficient blenders. Consistently delivering blenders in pristine condition, accompanied by prompt responses to customer inquiries, can result in a slew of positive reviews and an impressive Order Defect Rate (ODR). These factors together enhance your prospects of clinching the coveted Buy Box. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining a reputation for excellent service, you not only secure the Buy Box but also establish a lasting imprint on Walmart Marketplace, positioning your blender offerings as the top choice for shoppers seeking culinary excellence.

Inventory Management

Adequate inventory availability is critical. Sellers with items in stock are more likely to win the Buy Box. An integrated inventory management system ensures that your products are consistently available, reducing the chances of running out of stock and losing the Buy Box to competitors.


Suppose you're selling fitness equipment. By using inventory management tools, you ensure that your popular products are always in stock, ramping up your supply in January as many consumers make New Years' Resolutions to get in shape. This prevents missed opportunities when customers are ready to purchase. A proactive approach not only increases your chances of winning the Buy Box but also prevents potential revenue loss.

Competitive Pricing with Profit Margins

Okay fine, we said this article wouldn't be about price. But we wanted to correct a common misconception. You don't simply need to lower your prices constantly in order to win the Buy Box. While having a competitive price is essential, it's equally crucial for your business to be able to maintain healthy profit margins. And the good news is that it is definitely possible to do both!

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Walmart rewards sellers who can offer attractive prices without sacrificing profitability. Tools like Flashpricer can help you adjust prices dynamically based on real-time market conditions, enabling you to remain competitive without compromising on earnings.


Selling children's clothing? During back-to-school season, a repricing tool could automatically adjust prices to respond to an influx of demand, ensuring that your profit margins remain as high as possible. This strategic pricing approach not only helps you secure the Buy Box but also ensures your long-term sustainability as a seller.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Positive product ratings and reviews contribute to your credibility as a seller. Products with high ratings and favorable reviews resonate with shoppers, increasing the likelihood of capturing the Buy Box. Encourage customers to leave reviews and respond to feedback to build a solid reputation.


If you're selling skincare products, a collection of glowing reviews highlighting the effectiveness and quality of your products can instill confidence in potential buyers. Encourage happy customers to submit their feedback along with before and after photos to really illustrate the benefits of using your products. Positive reviews not only boost your chances of winning the Buy Box but also attract a loyal customer base.

Compliance with Walmart Policies

Compliance with Walmart's policies, including product content requirements, accurate descriptions, and proper categorization, demonstrates professionalism and commitment to the platform's guidelines. This adherence increases your chances of earning the Buy Box, as Walmart values sellers who align with its standards.


When selling electronics accessories, accurately labeling products, providing comprehensive descriptions that include compatibility info, and adhering to categorization rules can enhance your listing's credibility. By maintaining compliance, you not only win the Buy Box but also build a strong foundation of trust with Walmart and its customers.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, while competitive pricing remains essential, winning the Walmart Buy Box requires a holistic approach that considers fulfillment methods, customer metrics, inventory management, pricing strategies, product ratings, and compliance. By implementing these strategies, you position yourself as a trustworthy and reliable seller, increasing your chances of securing the Buy Box and driving sales. Remember, it's the combination of these factors that contributes to an optimized listing and an overall successful e-commerce journey on Walmart Marketplace.

So why not free up some time to focus on all of those factors other than price? Let Flashpricer handle your automated repricing and you'll be able to concentrate on the other actions you need to take in order to secure the Buy Box long term. Good luck, and we're here to help you with a 14-day FREE trial whenever you're ready to start taking things to the next level!

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